As each cake is a custom design, all cakes are priced on an individual basis. The cost is reflected in the number of servings required, flavors, design, extra elements, and delivery if required. Deposits are required to reserve dates.

Cake tastings are available for large cakes of 100 servings or more. Tastings include up to 3 flavor combinations and are free if a deposit is placed at the time of the consultation / tasting. Otherwise, there is a $40 charge for the tasting. Up to 4 people are allowed to attend the tasting.

$25/doz simple design (Buttercream / Sprinkles)
$50/doz with fondant decoration
Price can increase depending on complexity of design.

All vanilla sugar cookies are ~ 1/2” thick x 3” diameter

Pricing is based on up to 3 colors with simple design. Each additional color is $1.50/dozen and complex designs can also increase the price.

  • $3.50 each or $35/doz (loose in a box)

  • $4.00 each or $40/doz (individually favor packaged)

  • $5.00 each in a bouquet (container and supplies included)

  • Double decker / triple decker - email for pricing

  • Large cookies (~5” in diameter) - email for pricing

  • Small 3-D Cookie House / Birdhouse - Starting @ $50. Can go up depending on complexity of design
    At least 2.5" x 2.5" square, 4" tall.
    Can be gingerbread or sugar cookie (vanilla or chocolate flavor).

  • Large 3-D Cookie House / Cookie Box - Starting @ $65 plus added elements to fill the box (cookies, cake balls, candy, etc.).
    At least 5" x 5" square, 7" tall.
    Can be gingerbread or sugar cookie (vanilla or chocolate flavor).

  • Very detailed / ornate cookies and extra adornments on favor packaging may have increased pricing.

  • Large gourmet cookies are - $3.00 each or $30/doz (loose in a box)
    3.5” in diameter

  • Macarons are either small 1.5” in diameter or large 2.5” in diameter.
    Order in batches of 2 dozen with up to 2 flavors per 2 dozen.

  • Small $20/ doz

  • Large $30/ doz

  • $40 favor packaged empty

  • $50 favor packaged filled with one flavor cake truffles